Airxstream Rentals Limited Terms & Conditions of Hire

In these terms and conditions ‘AXL’ means Airxstream Limited and ‘YOU’ or ‘YOUR’ means you the hirer or your responsibilities arising under the hire agreement.

1. The contract with AXL

When YOU sign the hire agreement YOU accept these conditions and become liable for ensuring that they are observed and performed whether or not YOU will be using the Airstream.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If there is anything YOU do not understand please ask us to explain further.

2. Booking confirmation and payment

2.1 Availability is on a request and confirm basis at the time of reservation.

2.2 A reservation is only binding after it has been confirmed by AXL and a deposit of 50% of the cost of hire has been received by us.

2.3 Once the reservation is confirmed, an invoice will be issued for the remaining balance.

2.4 Settlement of the remaining balance will be due six weeks prior to the start of the hire date.

2.5 AXL reserves the right to cancel the booking if payment is not received six weeks prior to the start of the hire date.

2.6 Payment is by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), debit cards or cheque in Pounds Sterling.

2.7 For late bookings (less than six weeks before the start of the hire date) the full rental price is payable on booking.The Airstream will not be delivered without full payment being completed.

2.8 Cheques will not be accepted for late bookings (less than 2 weeks prior to start of hire date).

2.9 An extension of the agreed hire period will only be permitted if the further hire fees are paid before the end of the original hire period or any agreed extension of it.

3. Security Deposit

3.1 A £1,000.00 Security Deposit is payable at the time of paying the balance.

3.2 A full refund of the Security Deposit will be made within seven days of collection of the Airstream, on the agreed date and time, in the same condition as it was let out to YOU, with the toilet empty and the interior clean.

3.3 Where damage to the Airstream has been sustained the Security Deposit will be retained until the full cost of the repair has been ascertained. This amount will then be deducted from the Security Deposit and the balance refunded.

3.4 Any additional payments due to AXL from YOU arising from a breach of these terms and conditions will be deducted from the Security Deposit.

3.5 AXL reserves the right to increase the Security Deposit for specific events depending on the element of risk involved.

4. Insurance

4.1 AXL will insure the Airstream

5. Cancellation

5.1 Should YOU cancel the booking AXL will endeavour to re-hire the Airstream.

5.2 If successful the amount paid by YOU will be refunded less an administration charge of £200.

5.3 However if re-hire is not successful AXL will be entitled to forfeit the deposit and any hire charges already paid.

5.4 YOU are advised to obtain YOUR own insurance to safeguard against such eventualities.

6.Hire periods

6.1 The minimum hire period is three days.

6.2 The Airstream will be delivered to your chosen venue. The hire period starts from the time of delivery and ends on the Airstream being removed from the chosen site.

6.3 Failure to have the Airstream ready for collection at the stated time will result in YOU being surcharged at the rate of £50 per hour or part thereof together with any additional costs incurred by the Company.

6.4 No refunds will be given for an early collection of the Airstream.

7. Delivery & Collection

7.1 YOU are responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient and suitable access for our delivery vehicle.

7.2 If in the opinion of AXL's operative there is not sufficient and suitable access AXL reserve the right to abort the delivery without refund.

7.3 Please do check with us at the time of making your reservation that your site is suitable for us to deliver to. This is YOUR responsibility

7.4 On delivery please allow 30 minutes for the hand-over to complete the documentation and demonstrate the Airstream to YOU. Please allow the same on collection to enable the condition of the Airstream to be checked.

7.5 YOU must ensure that a suitably competent and responsible person is present on delivery if YOU are not going to be present.

7.6 AXL reserves the right to refuse to hand over the Airstream to any person who in the reasonable opinion of AXLís operative is not suitable to take charge. In such cases the hire fee will be repaid in full less an administration charge of £200 and delivery charges.

7.7 If no one is present at delivery AXL will charge a waiting fee of £50 per hour.

7.8 Once delivered to the site by AXL the Airstream must not be moved other than by AXL

7.9 On collection the Airstream must be ready for collection on the date, and by the time stated on the rental agreement.

7.10 The Airstream must be clean and in the same condition as when delivered otherwise charges will be made as set out in these terms and conditions.

7.11 In addition a separate toilet cleaning fee of £50 will apply if the toilet waste tank is not empty.

7.12 Two gas cylinders are supplied.

8.YOUR Responsibilities

8.1 YOU as the hirer are required to keep the Airstream under YOUR control throughout the hire period. In particular;-

8.2 It must be locked at all times when unattended and any security devices provided must be utilised.

8.3 YOU must protect the Airstream against bad weather and in particular the canopy should always be retracted to its stored position in the event of strong winds.

8.4 You must report any fault in the Airstream to AXL as soon as you become aware of it.

8.5 No animals, other than guide dogs, are allowed in the vehicle. Any damage incurred will be charged to YOU in full.

8.6 Smoking is not permitted in the Airstream. This is out of consideration to subsequent hirers who may be non-smokers. Any infringement of this condition will incur an extra cleaning charge of £50. For the benefit of other hirers your co-operation would be appreciated.

9. Repairs

9.1 YOU must not repair or attempt to repair the Airstream in the event of damage or breakdown but must at once notify AXL.

9.2 If the damage or breakdown has been caused by the fault or carelessness of YOU or by misuse of the Airstream, the repair will be at YOUR expense.

10. Liability

10.1 AXL shall bear no liability in respect of damage by the company to YOUR property in respect of which YOU shall claim against YOUR insurers.

10.2 AXL shall not be liable to YOU for any delay in performance or any failure to perform any of its obligations under the hire agreement if such delay or failure was due to cause beyond AXL's reasonable control including but not limited to acts of god, strikes, lock outs, fire, adverse weather conditions, or the non return of the Airstream to AXL by the previous customer.

11. Charges

Charges are based on AXL pricing at the time of booking. These will include:-

11.1 The cost of rental per period or part thereof.

11.2 Charges for any loss or damage to the Airstream. In the event that such loss or damage is covered by insurance the charge will be restricted to the uninsured losses of AXL.

11.3 The cost of emptying the toilet.

11.4 Additional cleaning costs in the event of the Airstream not being collected in a clean and tidy condition.

11.5 All charges arising from the loss temporary or otherwise of the Airstream due to the inappropriate or illegal use of it by YOU.

11.6 Agreed delivery and collection charges.

11.7 Consequential losses incurred by AXL to other hirers in the event that the Airstream was not ready for collection at the agreed time or was returned in an unacceptable state.

11.8 Value added tax and other taxes or duties statutory or otherwise payable